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HEAT+ training

HEAT+  is ICLEI’s latest software designed to help local governments address the climate change challenge, by providing tools for planning mitigation actions in Cities, based on an inventory of GHG and CAP emissions. This tool contains default emissions factors (country specific factors from National Communication reports to the IPCC, IPCC default emission factors, and those published by the Environment Information Agency (EIA) and other research organizations) for various energy sources to calculate the total emissions.

HEAT+ Features:

HEAT plus is the only web-based product of its kind, offering secure data storage, a global data bank, comprehensive technical support, and accessibility 24 hours day, 7 days a week. 

Key functionalities of HEAT+ include:

  • Build an emissions inventory based on local energy use, transportation demand, and waste practices
  • Build a simple emissions forecast
  • Set a target/goal for reducing emissions
  • Quantify reductions of emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants  planned measures
  • Develop, report, and track progress made in meeting that target.

HEAT+ is available in 7 country/regional versions – India, Philippines, Korea, South Africa, Europe, Brazil, Chinese and USA. Regional languages in which HEAT+ is available include Filipino, Korean, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

The Hands-on/demonstration session on HEAT+ consists of 3 sections.

1.    Presentation and demonstration of HEAT+
2.    Q&A and discussion
3.    Hands-on practical workshop using HEAT+

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