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Urban Nature Forum

13-14 June 2012, Belo Horizonte City Hall, City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Urban Nature Forum is a conference series focused on urban biodiversity and ecosystem management. The Forum brought together scientists, town planners, policy-makers, conservationists and other stakeholders with a view to exploring innovative approaches to urban biodiversity management, promoting knowledge exchange and advancing collaborative activities. Urban Nature directly preceded and is linked to the ICLEI World Congress 2012.


What will be the focus areas of Urban Nature 2012?

Urban Nature 2012 will have special relevance as it takes place just before Rio+20 and presents an opportunity to reflect on the last twenty years of progress since the Convention on Biological Diversity was opened for signature. It also presents an opportunity to contemplate the potential role which cities can play in paving a greener, more prosperous future. Good practices, innovative management tools, ground-breaking research and advocacy developments will be showcased and discussed.

Participants will ponder questions such as how to balance and reconcile urban socioeconomic growth with the need to conserve ecosystems and use natural resources sustainably. Pioneering local solutions to global challenges in the field of biodiversity will emerge.

For more information, please contact Mr. Russell Galt at russell.galt (at)


Please note that registration for Urban Nature has closed. Late registrations with motivations are being accepted for review from 25 May 2012.

Please return completed forms to Ms Verusha Suknandan on verusha.suknandan (at)