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About Future City Leaders

Empowering committed young municipal leaders to become champions for sustainability within their cities, towns and the global community.

FutureCityLeaders is a capacity building initiative aimed at empowering the next generation of young municipal leaders from around the globe. As our world is facing new challenges a new generation of urban changemakers – people with vision, who strive for the necessary transformation – is urgently required. Our mission is to provide an international network as well as tools to assist young elected municipal leaders in reaching their full leadership potential. For more information about the Initiative please click here.

FutureCityLeader participants were featured throughout the World Congress in different speaking roles.

Simone Ariane Pflaum

City Councilor
City of Freiburg, Germany

Simone is a City Councilor of the City of Freiburg. Simone is passionate about sustainability and youth engagement and works within Freiburg on these issues.

Why is Simone participating in FutureCityLeaders

"With an emphasis on sustainable leadership, the FutureCityLeaders Initiative offers support by experts, livelong activists and committed individuals with the purpose of establishing a world-wide movement of visionary, skilled and connected young leaders."

Where is Simone represented in the World Congress
Opening Plenary from Rio to Rio, High-level panel discussion. See program here.

Dominic Frongillo

Councilmember and Deputy Town Supervisor
Town of Caroline, New York

Dominic is a Council Member and Deputy Town Supervisor of the Town of Caroline, New York. He is actively involved in various projects in New York State as well as other national and international events particularly around climate change.

Why is Dominic participating in FutureCityLeaders

"I am participating in ICLEI FutureCityLeaders because I am passionate about building global movement to address our changing climate and key sustainability challenges of our time, and inspiring the next generation of policy makers in the United States to play a leadership role in solving our global challenges."

Where is Dominic represented in the World Congress
Outlook Plenary. See the program here.

Jinty MacTavish

City Councilor
Dunedin City Council, New Zealand

Jinty is a full time City Councilor on the Dunedin City Council, the authority for New Zealand's fourth largest municipality. She's passionate about developing and implementing progressive energy and peak oil strategies for the city, and chairs the city's Community Resilience Forum.

Why is Jinty participating in FutureCityLeaders

"I'm participating in FutureCityLeaders because I think there is much to be learnt from other young people holding office in other cities around the world.  I'm really excited about the opportunity to be connected to their ideas, their actions and their inspiration, to ensure my own thinking and decision making is globally informed as it can be."

Where is Jinty represented in the World Congress
Integrated Solutions (tbc). See the program here.

Eero Vainio

Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of Finland & City Councilor
City of Lahti, Finland

Eero is a City Councilor of the City of Lahiti. He has also been recently elected as the Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of Finland. He is extensively involved in local and regional local action around sustainability. He was also present at the inception of FutureCityLeaders at the 2009 ICLEI World Congress in Edmonton.

Why is Eero participating in FutureCityLeaders

“I'm part of FutureCityLeaders Initiative because I want to wider and deepen my understanding about urban challenges and sustainable solutions. ICLEI helps me to network and make true my ambitious dream to win sustainability challenges - not just in Lahti Region and Finland - but globally.”

Where is Eero represented in the World Congress
Ceremonial Opening Plenary. See the program here.