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9.00-11.00 P2 - Opening plenary: From Rio to Rio

Chair: Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General

Panel: From Rio to Rio       

  • Jeb Brugmann, Founder of ICLEI in 1992, Now: Founding Partner, The Next Practice, Toronto, Canada
    The birth of a movement
  • Tae Young Yeom, Mayor, City of Suwon, Suwon, Korea, South
    Local Agenda 21 in Korea since 1992


    Panel: The crucial question of responsibility for securing a sustainable future

    • Xinsheng Zhang, Executive Chairman of Eco-Forum Global, Beijing, China
      Pathways towards a global eco-civilization: Whose commitments, whose actions are needed? 

    Panel: From Rio+20 to 2030 - what commitments, what alliances are needed?

    • Martha Delgado Peralta, Secretary of Environment, City of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico & ICLEI Vice President
    • Reta Lewis, Special Representative, U.S. Department of State, Washington, United States
    • Phillip Joubert, Senior Advisor, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, Geneva, Switzerland 
    • Sébastian Duyck, Executive Board Member, Rio+twenties, France
    • David Cadman, President, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, Vancouver, Canada
      The opportunity for new alliances

    Update from Rio +20

    • Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator of Rio+20, UN Commission on Sustainable Development & French Ministry for the Environment
      A statement from Rio+20 

    11.30-12.30 P3 - ICLEI report 2009-2012

    Highlights of the past three years of ICLEI, leading into the future:

    • David Cadman, ICLEI President
    • Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, ICLEI Secretary General
      On behalf of the ICLEI Executive Committee and senior management

      ICLEI as an organization today, including its regional and global partnerships
      ICLEI global Membership
      Governance reform to manage growth
      Our ICLEI programmatic agendas
      Our work in climate and biodiversity advocacy
      Strategies towards the future

    12.30-14.00 Lunch


    14.00-16.00 A Sessions - ICLEI’s agendas for a sustainable city 2050

    A1 Sustainable City (more)

    A2 Resilient City (more)

    A3 Low carbon city (more)

    A4 Biodiverse city: Securing ecosystem services (more)

    A5 Resource-efficient city (more)

    A6 Smart urban infrastructure (more)

    A7  Healthy and happy community (more)


    16.00-17.00 Agenda exchanges and coffee break

    After the end of these sessions, all participants are invited to a joint coffee break during which they can inform themselves about the other agenda items in informal talks with the presenters. Thus, everybody can get a flavor of what is happening in ICLEI Members cities and offices.

    17.00-18.00 P4 - Special Speech: Creating Vibrant & Healthy Cities For ALL: from 8 to 80

    • Gil Peñalosa, Director, 8-80 Cities: Cities for people

    Gil Peñalosa is passionate about realizing the potential of great places to foster healthier communities with happier residents. As the Commissioner of Parks, Sport and Recreation for the City of Bogotá, Colombia, he led his team to create one of the most successful and renowned parks and recreation systems in the world. This inspiring keynote will demonstrate how to create vibrant cities and healthy communities where residents will live happier lives enjoying great public places. The presentation focuses on EcoMobility: walking, cycling, and public transit, as well as streets, parks and other public spaces as potentially great places.


    20.00 Gala Dinner